Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Frog and Toad Are Friends - A Swim - Section 3: Independent Practice


     If you have been viewing all of my Frog and Toad lessons you'll see that when I walk around I offer comments to my students.  When I offer praise, I want to be specific with what I'm telling my students.  Generic comments such as "Good Job!  You've got it! etc." doesn't give students feedback for what they're doing well.  Since one of my target goals for this unit was to make sure they were answering in complete sentences and restating the question in the answer, you can hear me saying, "I like how you restated the question as the first part of your answer." Then I would add my, "Good Job."   This gives my students specific feedback as to what they're doing well and what I want them to keep doing. 

    The same goes for when they don't quite have it.  I say things like, "Well you're half right but you didn't tell me your evidence.  What happened in the story to make you think that?" Usually the students can tell me quite easily why they wrote something and then I'll say "O.K - write that down, what you just told me is your evidence."   By tweaking what you say with both praise and constructive feedback by giving your students specific reinforcers will really help your students to continue doing things you want them to do and be aware of their week points for next time.

  Effective Positive Reinforcement and Student Feedback
  Positive Reinforcement: Effective Positive Reinforcement and Student Feedback
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Frog and Toad Are Friends - A Swim

Unit 3: Frog and Toad Are Friends
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT describe character traits using evidence, chart major events in the story using key details, and use their information to answer comprehension questions.

Big Idea: We are moving into Chapter 4. Let's talk about our characters and analyze our plot. Maybe we'll even throw in some inferring skills for good measure.

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