Reflection: Pacing Pleading with my Sanity to Describe the Actions of an Insane Man - Section 2: Independent Practice: Listening to Read the Motives Behind a Man's Own Heart


The pacing of this lesson could have not gotten any worse. "Tell Tale Heart," by Edgar Allen Poe is a VERY LONG story. In the past, I have had students read the poem silently but it takes the suspense out of the lesson when students don't realize what the main character is up to throughout the entire story.

For the reading in this lesson, I selected for the cd in the literature book to read the story since it is the narrator who is speaking to his audience. I probably should have done a plot or character development chart throughout the reading of the story so students could internalize all of the events going on in the story. However, I did neither of the tasks which kept students from truly understanding the foreshadowed events that led up to the killing of the old man by the narrator.

This lesson was done because I wanted students to understand how choices yield to other decisions that can be both good and bad for an individual. Because this lesson was taught close to a holiday break, I rushed the teaching of the lesson which eliminated the use of ALL students being able to answer the story questions independently.

If I was to do this lesson in the same fashion, I will have students view an animated video or version of the story (this is if it exists). In this event, the visual telling of the story can keep students on the edge of their seats while charting in their notebooks what choices throughout the story led to others and influenced the resolution.

  Pacing: Instructional Decisions on Reading Reflection
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Pleading with my Sanity to Describe the Actions of an Insane Man

Unit 3: Coming of Age
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how incidents in a story provoked a character's decision to end the life of a dear friend in "Tale Tell Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe.

Big Idea: Motive Check: It's that annoying heart that found Me Guilty!

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