Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Modeling Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers - Section 2: Skill Building/Exploration


As I reflect back on this lesson, I realize that the students had a "blast" on this lesson.  As you can hear from the video, there was a lot of chatter and discussion in the background as the students worked on the skill.  I found that the students could use something like "shapes" to do math.  This activity showed the students that fractions can be anything.  A hexagon could be your 1 whole, just as a large pie is 1 whole.  I feel that the students have a newfound appreciation and understanding of mixed numbers.  Before, as we changed mixed numbers to improper fraction, even though we drew out models, I think that the students were not connecting the two together.  This activity connected mixed numbers with something concrete.

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Modeling Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Unit 1: Fractions
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Objective: The SWBAT use shapes to model adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

Big Idea: Adding and subtracting mixed numbers can be modeled by using shapes.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, mixed numbers, improper fractions, pattern blocks, adding fractions
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