Reflection: Student Feedback Dissecting Dialogue in Of Mice and Men - Section 3: Listening and Reading


As I had anticipated, my students enjoyed the dramatic reading. They all really got the point that Lennie has some kind of mental challenges and George is the dominant character who takes care of him. I am positive that the dramatic reading did the trick. The dramatic reading is kind of slow, so I would not read the entire book with the audio, but I will consider using it for key parts of the book. It is important to be purposeful about the parts of the book that we read with the audio because I want my students to experience reading it on their own.

My students also recognized that Steinbeck created a calm setting at the beginning of the book to show the peacefulness of the Salinas River, but they think that the calmness foreshadows something sinister.

  The Dramatic Reading
  Student Feedback: The Dramatic Reading
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Dissecting Dialogue in Of Mice and Men

Unit 10: Actions and Reactions Of Mice and Men
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Objective: SWBAT analyze character development in chapter 1 of "Of Mice and Men" by translating dialogue into narrative form.

Big Idea: He says, She says..Students transform dialogue into narrative form

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