Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Measuring With Student Steps - Section 2: Using Student Steps to Measure


It is important that the students make the connection to measuring with tiles and measuring with student steps.  Although they are different units, the students should still remember to start at one edge and go to the other, make sure that they measure in a straight line, and that there are no spaces between units.

I like to review these ideas before each measurement lesson. 

  Measuring Concepts
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Measuring Concepts
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Measuring With Student Steps

Unit 8: Non Standard Measuring
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT measure lengths using a single unit. SWBAT compare lengths to determine which is longer.

Big Idea: Bill Murray called it "Baby Stepping" but today we will be student stepping. The students will measure 8 different lines using their own feet!

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