Reflection: High Quality Task Reader's Theater - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


I am a HUGE proponent of Reader's Theater in Kindergarten!
Although it takes a little more planning and a tiny bit of extra time, I fully believe that Reader's Theater really pushes my students to own a story!  Not only do the students have to be familiar with a story to participate, but they also have to know about their character's mannerisms as well as their contributions to certain events in the story!  While they are working on their play, they employ their speaking and listening skills as well!  And, not to mention, what kindergartener doesn't like to act and show their talents to their teacher and their friend?  It's meaningful, it's good practice and it's fun for the kids and the teacher alike!

  Is Reader's Theater Worth It? Is it Appropriate?
  High Quality Task: Is Reader's Theater Worth It? Is it Appropriate?
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Reader's Theater

Unit 4: Jack and the Beanstalk Unit
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT participate in an activity to re-tell the story in a meaningful manner.

Big Idea: When you CREATE it and make it your own, you learn it best!

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