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Had I not needed to document today’s activity for this project, I would have jumped in and been a participant in the share myself. I think it would be wonderful for a student to open up his work and have positive feedback from not only his peers, but also his teacher. So often the feedback students receive in writing is focused on what needs to be fixed and the mistakes they’ve made. I would have loved to tell each student one thing I found amazing about their work and even better - one thing I learned from each!

  Being a Participant
  Self-Talk: Being a Participant
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Gallery Share (Day 15 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT share their informational writing projects with the class and report what they've learned from each other's work.

Big Idea: After working for weeks on their informational writing projects, students participate in a gallery share reading each other's work, leaving positive comments, and learning something new in the process!

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