Reflection: Student Ownership Analyzing The Author's Craft - Section 3: Independent Practice


     This was the second time my students analyzed a piece of writing looking for the main idea and details.  The difference in their confidence level this time from our Honeybees writing was drastic.  After reviewing how we look for the main idea and details, my students got to work.  They were so excited and they kept showing me their papers saying, "Look Mrs. Gresser, I found the main idea." In just a short amount of time from our last piece of expository writing until now the students have shown me how resilient they are.  I also noticed that as I was walking around the room helping students, I was as exhausted because the process didn't feel like I was having to pull teeth like last time.  I still asked questions because there were still students who needed help, but I could definitely tell the difference.  So my advice is to stick with it because the first piece of writing might seem like this is too hard a process for students, but you will be surprised at how fast your students will catch on. 

  Gaining Confidence
  Student Ownership: Gaining Confidence
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Analyzing The Author's Craft

Unit 4: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Crabs
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Objective: SWBAT analyze and record how the author structures a story so they can use that same structure when they write expository text.

Big Idea: If I know what an author does to structure a good piece of writing, than I can do it too!

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