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I like creating classroom materials that match directly what my students are doing in class, versus just handing the students some generic piece of "fancy" paper.  I think the students get much more excited about their work and take pride in their work when they're excited to have personalized materials.  For this reason, I created a specialized "final draft" paper for each of the people my students chose to write their opinion pieces about.  For example, I was writing my model about Alexander Graham Bell, so I've created a special Alexander Graham Bell final draft paper using clip art that highlights Alexander Graham Bell!

So, where did I get the clip art?  I did a simple search online and found a great website entitled: "Free Kids Clip Art by Phillip Martin"!  Here, I found all sorts of great clip art, including clip art for the various people my students were writing about!  All of the clip art here is created by Phillip Martin (a talented artist indeed!) and (here's the best part!), everything is FREE to teachers to use in their classrooms, materials, websites, etc. so long as you abide by Mr. Martin's guidelines!  Want to see this great resource yourself?  Check out Mr. Martin's work (and guidelines) here:

  Reflection: Using Online Resources to Create Classroom Materials
  Online Resources: Reflection: Using Online Resources to Create Classroom Materials
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What's your opinion? Final draft magic!

Unit 12: Opinion Writing Unit
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT produce clear and coherent opinion pieces on important people from the turn of the century.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will work on publishing the final drafts of their opinion writing pieces.

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