Reflection: High Expectations Assessment: Connotation & Denotation - Section 3: Getting Down to Business


I found this particular lesson at Texas A&M University's Education & Human Development Department after a Google search of lesson plans.  However, if you look at the original lesson, you will see evidence of the Common Core shifts embedded in my version.  I added the citation element as well as making sure to use the proper terms of "connotation" and "denotation" when appropriate.

To me, this is the epitome of the current shift in education.  It's not that our old stuff was bad or is now useless.  It simply needs an update, a revision.

Though the idea of moving to the Common Core seems overwhelming, it really can be as simple as taking the resources you have and making some small adjustments!

  Revising for Rigor
  High Expectations: Revising for Rigor
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Assessment: Connotation & Denotation

Unit 13: Introduction to Poetry
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT distinguish among the connotations of words with similar denotations by reading two poems.

Big Idea: Time to show what you know about connotation and denotation.

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