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One of the things that got me through college was exams with short answer questions where I had to show my work and explain my thinking.  I remember several exams where I may not have gotten the question completely correct but because the process and thinking displayed were on the right track I was given partial credit for my answer.  What  I learned is that sometimes the right answer comes with more practice. 

Hence, I tend to focus on student ability to complete the process, even if there are some calculation errors and the outcome may not be correct.  Students can go back and discover simple errors of multiplication or subtraction easily.  It is more difficult to go back and reteach the whole division process. 

My words of advice are, don’t be afraid if students get the wrong answer if they can correctly explain the process and show their thinking.  Although partial credit doesn’t translate as well into standardized assessments, not all assessments are going to assess final outcomes. With the common core, student thinking will also be assessed.

  Process over Product
  Data Analysis: Process over Product
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Remainder Riddles

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 12 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to solve division problems that have a remainder as part of the quotient.

Big Idea: I’ve got some left over!

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