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Academic vocabulary is a huge focus in my room.  It doesn’t matter what subject we are studying, we focus on using fifth grade words.  My students are pretty familiar with my lingo surrounding this topic.  When I introduce new words that are synonyms for higher tier words I tell them now they can get rid of their kindergarten way of saying it.  For example, one of the words my class loved this year is somber.  This obviously replaces our kindergarten word of sad.  Because my students are familiar with this example, I refer back to it if needed when introducing new words.  Just like we replace somber for sad, we replace quotient for answer. 

In this lesson we introduced the vocabulary of division: divisor, dividend, and quotient.  Divisor replaces # of groups.  Dividend replaces total (with respect to division).  And quotient replaces answer (also with respect to division).  I make sure students know the “kindergarten” way of saying things and also the fifth grade way.  It makes learning new vocabulary fun when students buy into it and start using the higher tier words instead of the lower tier words. 

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Division as a Diagram

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 11 of 22

Objective: Students will deepen their understanding of the traditional division equation by identifying parts of the equation in relationship to the math that is occurring.

Big Idea: Traditional division made simple!

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