Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Cities in Mesopotamia: Understanding a Complex Text - Section 3: Building Knowledge


In the past, this lesson was taught in social class class and students competed to complete the activity quickly. In that setting, I modified the descriptive paragraphs to only include the most important information. This year I chose to teach this lesson in ELA class using in order to spend time developing the skills needed to analyze informational text and visuals.  

  The ELA/SS Connection
  Writing Across the Disciplines: The ELA/SS Connection
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Cities in Mesopotamia: Understanding a Complex Text

Unit 7: The ELA and Social Studies Connection: Content-Area Literacy
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Objective: SWBAT use details from the a nonfiction article to create a visual representation and then, from that visual, provide evidence that demonstrates understanding the text.

Big Idea: Engage students by having them create and interpret a map of an ancient Mesopotamian city after reading a nonfiction article and viewing a video clip.

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