Reflection: Standards Alignment Aarrr, Scallywag! Continue to Compare and Contrast: Pirate Week Day 4 of 5 - Section 5: Lesson Extras for Your Crew


I'm always looking for additional ways to reinforce the Common Core standards, especially those my district has identified as focus standards.  When creating activities, I try to pose questions and the format in different ways to differentiate the product.  If you notice, many of the resources I've created list the standards at the bottom of the paper.  As our district moves toward integrating more technology, I look forward to modifying these types of assignments to be similar to PARCC tasks.

  Extra Standards Practice
  Standards Alignment: Extra Standards Practice
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Aarrr, Scallywag! Continue to Compare and Contrast: Pirate Week Day 4 of 5

Unit 2: Ocean Inspired Unit
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read and comprehend a fictional pirate story at their independent level. SWBAT complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting story elements, text and illustration features, and then write a paragraph to summarize their ideas.

Big Idea: Your landlubbers continue to practice many Common Core skills as they read fictional pirate stories at their own level, complete a comparison to the shared reading selection earlier this week, and compose a paragraph to express their ideas.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Fiction (Reading), Writing, Venn diagram, comprehension, text structure, close reading, Graphic Organizer, Pirates, read closely, How I Became a Pirate, Melinda Long, Common Core Poster, illustration, paragraph
  50 minutes
day 2 compare and contrast
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