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There are countless stories out there about young people during the Holocaust.  I chose these two because I knew they would resonate with my male students.  While I can count on my girls to be drawn in by the sheer emotion of the stories, I knew I would need more to really get to my boys. 

In retrospect I am glad I chose these over the many female stories I could have opened with because my boys could not stop talking about it. In the past two days my librarian has commented on how many students have stopped by asking for Holocaust books, and as I look around my classroom and see them laying on student binders - many with male students - I know I have planted a seed.

Note, that should you want to open with the story of a female there are many.  A quick google search will unearth stories and poems about Anne Frank and several lesser known survivors and victims that our students need to know about.  Undoubtedly, we could spend the whole year on nothing else and only scratch the surface. 

  Targeting My Boys
  Lesson Planning: Targeting My Boys
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Paired Text Introduction to the Holocaust Part 2

Unit 7: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 2
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the impact of word choice on meaning.

Big Idea: Little things, big impact -shoes or words.

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