Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Publishing: For the Digital Age (Day 11 of 15) - Section 6: Making an Example Book


I really didn’t even want to go there today - adding all the cutesy stuff that has nothing to do with typing text, but everything to do with student excitement. Once students saw the “scenes” and “props” tabs, there was no stopping them. Not that I was trying to be a spoil sport - I simply didn’t want them to be so focused on adding clip art that they completely forgot how to do what we just spent half an hour learning! But, in the end, I gave in… a little.


I quickly showed them how to add a scene as the backgrounds to pages and how to add props. We even looked for some that might fit our “Rangers” theme. After having a little fun, I told students that, “We would save the rest for the day that we created our books’ cover art. So, be thinking of what you want your book to look like.” This seemed to be enough to placate them, at least for the time being. Just a friendly warning if you use the site - be ready for the distraction, my friend.  

  Scenes and Props
  Adjustments to Practice: Scenes and Props
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Publishing: For the Digital Age (Day 11 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT create a final copy of their work using digital tools and the website,

Big Idea: After weeks of research and writing, students are ready to publish their work! They will design and draft each chapter and add text features mainly using an online resource.

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