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Although their samples are simplistic, as shown in student artifact, Planting a Tree, students took pride in the details they added onto their work.  The pictures did not really match each step, but showed an overall goal of what their garden would look like.  This lesson may need further focus on the details of gardening.  Our science unit will cover some plant experiments that will be integrated to writing.  Common Core is about writing across the curriculum.  Writing is not a separate, stand alone subject.  In order for writing to reflect deeper and more detailed content, it is necessary to practice writing in all subject areas. Integrating writing with other subjects that bring about knowledge of content areas such as Plant Diversity, Geography, Life Cycles of Plants, Botany, etc. will enrich the content of student writing.

  Student Ownership: Student Samples
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Procedural Text: Gardening

Unit 13: Procedural Texts
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe the components of procedural text.

Big Idea: How do procedural text help us in the real world ? Through the real world application of basic hobbies, students construct "how to" manuals using components of procedural text.

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