Reflection: Diverse Entry Points The Places We are From - Section 3: Independent Work


This ongoing project allows students to research a place of interest.  It is structured enough to give students guidance but also it allows for students to be as creative as they like.  

Some students are showing what they learn using electronic slide presentations.  Other students prefer to show what they have learned using a tri board.  

Students work on their project at different times throughout the week. I was amazed at the level of independence some students demonstrated with using the ipads and google earth to locate a country and to learn facts about it.  A few students were mostly entralled with playing with the flags and wearing them as capes as they explored the feel of the fabric and how it moved as he moved throughout the classroom wearing his cape/flag.  This particular student will have additional opportunities to research one-on-one with a resource teacher during our writing block.  

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  Diverse Entry Points: Experience of Learning
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The Places We are From

Unit 6: Writing to Learn: Boxes and Bullets- The 5 Paragraph Essay
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Objective: SWBAT pick a country or state their family is from and use Ipads to search for an image of the state or country flag, reproduce it, and write a post-it containing three facts.

Big Idea: The Integration of Technology, Art, and Realia to Develop Awareness of U. S. States and Countries Around the World.

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