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I notice that a student who had difficulty articulating is not at all discouraged form expressing himself.  Students who are not self-conscious of making mistakes will practice their communication skills more willingly.  The culture of acceptance that is created in the classroom is also significant so students make the effort to improve their skills. It is important to create norms and rules for collaboration and sharing out of information.  Our first week of school was dedicated to team building and maintaining a nurturing class environment.  To do this, we spent a great deal of time sharing our cultural differences, interests, and personal experiences.  We discuss and practice tolerance and acceptance each day.  The first step was to respect and celebrate our differences.  This process requires a higher level of thinking because students learn to view different perspectives.  As evident in this Assembly Presentation, students are able to communicate their knowledge despite issues in language or speech development.

  Student Ownership: Speaking Opportunities
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Procedural Text: Assembly Manual

Unit 13: Procedural Texts
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe steps in technical procedures in text.

Big Idea: How do procedural texts help is in our daily lives ? Students learn to follow step by step directions to assemble a Lego Castle.

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