Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Review: The Elements of Fiction - Section 4: Getting Down to Business


As I went through this lecture this year, I was struck with one of those on-the-fly "ah-ha" moments.  I asked my students how many of them knew the story of the Three Little Pigs.  I was happy to see that they all did. 

I was able to use the story to give examples for all of the elements of fiction, even down to the internal conflict in the brick-building pig about helping out his lazy brothers. 

It made this lecture a little more conversational and gave the students some examples to use.

I think this could easily be done if there is a common sixth-grade read at your school.  Be careful, though, because it could make new students feel even more out of place if they weren't there for sixth grade.


  Using a Common Text
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using a Common Text
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Review: The Elements of Fiction

Unit 3: The Elements of Fiction
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Objective: SWBAT identify elements of fiction by creating Cornell Notes to use as a class reference.

Big Idea: It's been a long, hot summer. What do you remember?

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