Reflection: Student Ownership Procedural Text: Designing a Project - Section 3: Sharing Ideas


Students were eager to present their ideas.  Once a classroom environment of acceptance and respect is established, students are not shy about making mistakes and learning from them.  In this case, one student gained confidence and enthusiastically shared his project to design a car (see source).  This same student was once shy and reserved.  I have seen growth both emotionally and academically in my students as a result in allowing self-expression and sharing in a nurturing environment.  Thus, students develop a positive attitude for learning, no matter how complex or rigorous.

  Student Ownership: Student Attitudes
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Procedural Text: Designing a Project

Unit 13: Procedural Texts
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe steps in technical procedures in text.

Big Idea: How do procedural text help us in the real world ? As students create fun projects, they explore the components of procedural text.

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