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I used to have an independent practice piece to this lesson. Over the years, I have learned that my kinders really need to have a substantial amount of guided practice in a new experience before being asked to do it independently or the goal of the objective gets lost. I found that my kids would break the towers and say the combinations, but never remembered them. They would continue to struggle with naming the combinations of 10 with or without manipulatives. Since moving to this model, most of my kids are now focusing on the combinations and keeping them or at least the process of figuring them out in the working memory. After continued exposure to combinations of 10, many of the kids can recall the combinations of 10 from their long-term memory which aids them in first grade.

  Adjusting to meet the needs
  Adjustments to Practice: Adjusting to meet the needs
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It Makes Ten!

Unit 10: What Makes 10?
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify combinations that make 10 by breaking ten-towers apart and stating the combinations.

Big Idea: Kinders need repeated practice with experiencing combinations that make 10. This lesson is number 1 in a series that allows kids to discover those combinations on their own in a fun and exciting way.

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