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Creativity is a huge part of my teaching practice.  I like to think I come up with unique and interesting ways of representing the math concepts that I am presenting.  If I can be creative in how I deliver the lesson I can keep the students engaged in the content.  I want the students to be able to look back on elementary school and remember all the crazy ways their fifth grade teacher explained things.  I don’t want to be the boring teacher that no one remembers.  So I put all my energy and creativity into each lesson I prepare and teach.  Hence, I like to put motions to almost anything I can.  New vocabulary and step processes are relatively simple to devise motions to accompany them.  Get creative!

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  Classroom Setup: I remember her!
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Division in Steps

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 10 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to recall and apply the five basic steps needed to solve a division problem.

Big Idea: Breaking down division once and for all!

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Math, division
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