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We have a man-power issue in the afternoons during math.  The student teacher is gone, our pre-service teachers usually don’t come on our number days, and we have a lot going on.  I could change our number day, but we have a curriculum map for my kindergarten team, and it’s nice to be on the same page as the team. 

Here’s my proposed solution, which I will try next week:  put in an extra job or two, so that if kiddos are “done” at a job, they have something else to do, somewhere else to go.  Sitting and waiting with their hand up will be hopefully be cut to a minimum next week, which will maximize time on task and make it easier for me to work with my “All About” group at the table.

Seek student input and use it.  Sometimes, they “love” everything and it’s hard to get specific feedback from them, just because they are so young, but when they make a specific comment, I always try to keep their thoughts in mind as I begin to plan future lessons.  It truly becomes a group effort—student input guides learning, and we become a winning team.  Or at least an improving team!

  Putting student input to use
  Lesson Planning: Putting student input to use
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Sensational Seven!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 7 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 7.

Big Idea: Hands-on, interactive activities where students explore relating a quantity to 7 make time just fly during this lesson!

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