Reflection: Standards Alignment Source #1: Analyzing the Author's Organization Cornerstone - Section 3: Analyzing How Paragraphs Develop an Essay


Way back in November? December?  I had an epiphany.  I'd been talking about quickwrites and the role they play with a mentor. I'd been talking about how everything we did needed to be embedded in the standards.  And I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a standard set of quickwrite questions?  Then I could just look at that reference (reference sheet! Did you see what I'm doing! It's totally real life!) and adapt and modify questions for particular texts.

And then life got busy, and I had to grade essays and poems and I forgot about the reference sheet. Just like our students! 

And then I remembered it.  Here's a link. 

So I looked at the basic quickwrite questions I'd already had, and realized that with very little work, I could adapt them to the current assignment.  It would take more work to fold a load of laundry. 

I want students to look at how the author organized main ideas.  I want the students to examine how each paragraph relates to the other paragraph, while still using chronological order.  By looking at the reference sheet of quickwrite questions, I was easily able to adapt the question to a specific task while also ensuring that the questions I'm asking are rooted in the standards.

My new questions? 

  Tailoring Quickwrite Questions to Individual Texts
  Standards Alignment: Tailoring Quickwrite Questions to Individual Texts
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Source #1: Analyzing the Author's Organization Cornerstone

Unit 9: What Happened to Emmett Till?: Analyzing Multiple Sources to Discover History
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to analyze how an author uses nonfiction organizational techniques to achieve a purpose.

Big Idea: In which we learn about history to understand an author's motivation for writing literature.

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