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When I taught this lesson, I used the essay I linked for most of the students in my class. From their work so far in the current unit, I could assess that most needed the annotations I revised. However, some students needed the attached outline to gather their thoughts. I also have two students who are overwhelmed by five paragraphs, therefore they were given the four paragraph essay example and outline.

It is important that I know where my students are at before I teach a lesson in order to provide them with the correct scaffold if needed. I didn't want to give the attached outline for example to the whole class if they did not need it. It is very important that I know my students and how to individualize instruction within a lesson.

Thanks for my coach Dena Snyder and the example essays from the state, I did not need to create all of the scaffolds. This is another reason teacher collaboration is important and finding resources is important; I can't do the work all by myself for every lesson in order to reach all learners. It is not sustainable and getting the advice of colleagues only makes me a stronger teacher. 

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  Intervention and Extension: Scaffolds for Students
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Trying Out a First Draft

Unit 9: Drafting, Finalizing and Celebrating Our Persuasive Essays
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT write a first draft of an essay in order to practice supporting their claims with logical reasoning and relevant evidence while acknowledging their opposition.

Big Idea: Are you making sense?

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