Reflection: Homework Community Identity: What are Women's Roles and Responsibilities? - Section 1: Let's Get Started: Why do these women represent all women? Or do they?


So, my students really struggled with identifying the purpose of this commercial.  It may speak to the reason why has not caught on.  The students understood that the commercial highlighted the variety of ways women of all ages make both small, personal contributions to the world and can also make contributions that can potentially change the world.  However, they did not see how these women connected to  

The class was able to identify the contributions of all but three of the women.  Several of my students came to conference (my school's name for tutoring time) that afternoon to look them up for extra credit.  As I watched them work on the extra credit, they were using google to look up the women.  I asked why they did not use instead of google.  Their response, "Didn't think about it."  If the point of the assignment was to work on purpose and connection to the audience, I would have taken the time during the next class to talk about the effectiveness of the commercial and its ability to connect with an audience. 

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  Homework: Googled it!
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Community Identity: What are Women's Roles and Responsibilities?

Unit 11: New Beginnings, Community Identities, and Remembrances
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT discuss the role of women in our communities by analyzing women's behaviors and attitudes in a Bing commercial and "Why I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady.

Big Idea: Students work to define community, community participation and the rules that govern community behavior.

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