Reflection: Gradual Release A Small Step Towards the Completion of An Argumentative Essay - Section 1: Introduction


Starting the process of writing an essay is always difficult for my students because they have not mastered most of the skills required to write one successfully. One of my goals with this class is to help them get to the place where the process is not horribly overwhelming. My students need a ton of scaffolding in order to complete an argumentative essay. Some of this scaffolding includes very basic things like sentence starters. I offer them basic support like this, but I also balance that by requiring more complex tasks like creating an original argument about a complex text like Their Eyes Were Watching God. This is the middle of the school year and I know my students are not ready to take on an argumentative essay on their own, but I attempt to push them in that direction by making all the materials from a variety of mini lessons available to them and letting them struggle with it. I will be giving them as much feedback as I can along the way, but the expectation is that they make use of all these resources in their essay. This is an important step in performing tasks like this one on their own.

  Students Tackle An Argumentative Essay
  Gradual Release: Students Tackle An Argumentative Essay
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A Small Step Towards the Completion of An Argumentative Essay

Unit 2: Writing About Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT introduce an arguable claim by selecting the strongest argument from their brainstorming session and begin developing this central claim.

Big Idea: It is time to pull all the mini lessons together: attention-grabbing intros, arguable thesis statements, strong topic sentences, analytical writing...

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, argument (Composition), Their Eyes Were Watching God, analytical writing, Autonomy, Feminism
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