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Celebrating students' writing is a routine in my classroom. We usually do "Wows" and "Wonders" with a treat at the end. This is the fourth time we have had a celebration, so they know the routine. They do not complain about the deadline, they know the consequence if they do not turn in their paper on time; minus ten points for every day it is late and no doughnut. Then they have to stay with me at lunch until they finish. 

I also want to mention the reason I buy students treats for their writing celebration. The first reason is that writers in the real world have writing celebrations when they publish, therefore the celebration serves as a connection to reality. Additionally it is a form of extrinsic motivation in order to build intrinsic motivation. The behavior I want to build with students is to turn their work in on time. Since many of my students do not do this I have an extrinsic motivation which helps improve their work ethic.

Furthermore, I am someone who was against extrinsic motivations for years. A couple of years ago we had a trainer who gave us professional development on classroom management. He stated, "In life all of us have intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. For example, you come to work everyday because you love to teach and be around kids but also you get paid. If we have intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in our own lives, but do not give any to our students then we are setting them up our classrooms for failure." 


  The importance of routines
  Routines and Procedures: The importance of routines
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Wows and Wonders

Unit 5: Text Structures Project
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT to review their classmates' text structures writing piece in order to give them advice about what they should present for their project.

Big Idea: I need your advice

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