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We have experienced a large number of snow days this year so the timing of this lesson has been changed.  I assigned the first two full pages, all the way through the graph, as homework on the last day of the walking function graphs wrap-up.  This allowed us to move more quickly through the lesson discussion.  Even with the homework, however, we did not completed the rest of the activity in one class period due to preparing students for the unit project by announcements about Edmodo codes, rewarding graph contestant winners with cup cakes, and changing seat partners based on Journey to the Bus Stop pre-lesson assessment data.  I gave the pre-lesson assessment for the formative assessment lesson early in order to prepare partnerships and create guiding questions for the lesson.  This lesson is going to take two class periods to complete and discuss, though the discussions are very good which is another reason why I do not want to rush the time in class too much.  My students are showing a good conceptual understanding of what it means for a relation to be a function and I want to spend the extra time solidifying this major concept before moving further into the unit.

  Adjustments to Timing - Two Day Lesson
  Adjustments to Practice: Adjustments to Timing - Two Day Lesson
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Disney World Park Tickets

Unit 5: Functions
Lesson 5 of 30

Objective: SWBAT determine when a relation is a function through looking at graphs and ordered pairs to determine if each input has exactly one output.

Big Idea: Use tickets to Disney World to demonstrate that multiple inputs can have the same output and still represent a function table or graph.

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Math, Algebra, Non-linear Functions, relations, vertical line test, function, 8th grade math, master teacher, Real world problems
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