Reflection: Routines and Procedures Source #1: Analyzing the Author's Organization Cornerstone - Section 1: Daily Grammar


There was a time in my teaching career where every time the school had something special for all students to do (picture day, library orientation, testing, make-up picture day) English was chosen because all students have English class.  Thankfully, my current administration works hard to even it out, because all students have social studies, science, and math, too.   Last week, for only the second time this year I had to take my students down for one of those special activities. It took about ten minutes, but I wasn't sure when my class would be taken down.


Those special things wreak havoc with classroom management. 


That's where routine comes in.  I've been told by administrators in the past that one of my strengths was creating a routine so that all students feel safe and know exactly what to do. 


And that starts with something basic--bellwork.  


The times that I have skipped bellwork because of an assembly schedule, special activity, or whatever, I have regretted it.  When I take away the routine, I take away the students' ability to know exactly what is expected of them.  For some students, it is beyond important that they have that.  It's something so simple, so basic, that it's easy to forget its importance.

  The Daily Routine
  Routines and Procedures: The Daily Routine
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Source #1: Analyzing the Author's Organization Cornerstone

Unit 9: What Happened to Emmett Till?: Analyzing Multiple Sources to Discover History
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to analyze how an author uses nonfiction organizational techniques to achieve a purpose.

Big Idea: In which we learn about history to understand an author's motivation for writing literature.

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