Reflection: Shared Expectations Building a Theme Analysis: Body Paragraphs and The Writer's Workshop - Section 2: Student Work Time


Today, the I Can statements allowed students and I to have genuine conversations about their objectives and goals.  The statements are in their language and they serve as a springboard to students as part of the assessment process.  During one small conference, I asked a student one of the I Can questions and he lit up.  He explained that he wasn't entirely clear what the assignment was, but just our small conversation helped.  I've discovered that when I ask students to respond to an I Can statement, they really understand what proficiency is.  Rather than just seeing a grade on a paper, they see a goal that they need to reach. 

  Why I Use I Can Statements
  Shared Expectations: Why I Use I Can Statements
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Building a Theme Analysis: Body Paragraphs and The Writer's Workshop

Unit 9: Theme Analysis-Writer's Workshop
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT strengthen literary analysis with text evidence by planning, pre-writing and writing body paragraphs.

Big Idea: Do graphic organizers help students gain confidence in their own writing?

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