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8 is a tricky number to make.  Some kiddos begin kindergarten making 8’s that are two circles stacked on top of each other, which look like 8, but they’re not properly formed.  It’s like the kid that comes to kindergarten writing his or her name entirely in CAPITAL letters—yes, they’re writing, but we need to work on forming things correctly.  Getting a kiddo who “thinks” they’ve got something mastered to re-learn something like a letter 8 can be tricky, and it is hard to break bad habits.

It’s do-able, but I find as I’m working with kids today that I’m not just spending a lot of energy with kiddos with limited fine motor skills, but I’m also working hard with kiddos who aren’t used to getting so much “help” from me.  One little guy is blurting “Doh!” almost like Homer Simpson every time I point out his stacked circles. 

Does he really need to learn a properly formed 8?  It could be argued, “No… his stacked circles are clearly recognizable as 8s,” but he won’t get the opportunity to practice writing a properly formed 8 again, and if he gets a 1st grade or 2nd grade teacher who is a stickler on numeral formation, I want him to have a solid background.

  Having to "Re-teach" little students
  Shared Expectations: Having to "Re-teach" little students
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Amazing EIght!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 8 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 8.

Big Idea: A variety of hands-on activities provide lots of multi-sensory practice with "8."

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