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Yes, everyone was able to get started, though granted, some got further than others in the time they were given to write in class.  The "mystery prompts" added an element of suspense and surprise to the activity, and many of my students were compelled to take one, even if they had already settled on a memory with which to work.  They buzzed about which mystery prompt they had selected, and then quickly settled into their own writing.

Whenever I can eliminate the first obstacle of students of claiming writer's block, I feel more confident that I have differentiated enough to get everyone's plane off the ground, so to speak.  Half of the battle sometimes feels like simply getting a student to put words on a page, so I am constantly on the alert for ways to lower the potential anxiety that writing can induce.  I have found council to be an effective means as well, and will definitely continue the practice of mystery prompts whenever applicable with future assignments.   

  Was Everybody Writing?
  Diverse Entry Points: Was Everybody Writing?
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Memoir Writer's Workshop

Unit 6: Bad Boy Part II
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: Using lines of inspiration from Bad Boy, SWBAT begin drafting their own one-page memoirs.

Big Idea: Making memories matter through effective narrative techniques.

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