Reflection: Exit Tickets Emily Dickinson's Simplicity of Language: "Because I could not stop for Death--" - Section 4: Wrap-Up & Reminders: Exit Slips & Homework


I have never been able to get into the habit of using exit ticket regularly, but in certain circumstances, they work very well. As I noted above, I initially intended to provide these three questions as homework two days ago. By asking them today, students are able to leave class on a Friday putting some closure on Emily Dickinson, and moving on to Whitman "fresh." 

Students' primarily seemed to choose the question, "What mood or emotions do these poems create in you?" and provide a superficial reaction. As I often find myself doing, the feedback I provided asks them to explain, in more detail, why the feel this way; appropriate, as we opened class today asking them to explain why they felt the way they did about peanut butter. Reflective practice is a skill that I will continue to build this semester.  

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Emily Dickinson's Simplicity of Language: "Because I could not stop for Death--"

Unit 13: Literacy: Figurative Language in the Poetry of Whitman & Dickinson
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT interpret Emily Dickinson's use of figures of speech in context and analyze their impact on meaning and tone in "Because I could not stop for Death--".

Big Idea: How do you describe Death? This question guides our look at the speaker's interaction with and reaction to Death.

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