Reflection: Student Ownership Big Names - Section 3: Communicating Knowledge


    Student communication reveals that students understood how to use Big Names, especially celebrities, to promote their cause or claim.  Their research led them to discover Big Names that support their claim and they were able to communicate this knowledge gained from research and use it to their advantage.  It is evident from this Student Sample  that a general understanding of how to use Big Names as a persuasion technique was established.

     I ask students to self-assess using the persuasive writing rubric.  Most indicate that they have a lot more to learn and that they need more practice, especially in the area of effectively using evidence in combination with deductive and inductive reasoning skills to support their idea. We agree that students need more practice to develop such complex tasks.  However, we also deduct that students communicating with one another increases understanding and results in student ownership of their own learning.

  Student Ownership: Student Samples
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Big Names

Unit 10: Persuasive Techniques
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a claim and support it using persuasive technique.

Big Idea: How do you persuade someone to agree with you? Students analyze a how using big names or famous people help to convince others to believe their claim on a topic.

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English / Language Arts, argument (Composition), celebrity endorsements, expert opinions
  60 minutes
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