Reflection: Advanced Students Kairos - Section 3: Finalizing our FIndings


    Students relate Kairos to urgency.  This point came across very clearly as their work samples:  kairos student sample 1 and kairos student sample 2 reflect the need to do or get something in hurry before all is lost. 

    Students have different exposures to specific experiences and therefore have different schematic approaches.  My group of students are advanced second graders and have more prior experiences to draw from.  I have to keep in mind the different entry points of students based on their knowledge of specific topics.  Differentiation is the key to closing gaps that will build bridges for students who need intervention as well as challenges to students who need enrichment through extension activities.  Often times, the grouping or pairing of students based on knowledge or skills, such as matching a knowledgeable student with one who has less exposure to knowledge/ skill, provides a balanced learning environment.  Students enter school with different perspectives and experiences.  They can learn from each other.

  Advanced Students: Formative Assessments
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Unit 10: Persuasive Techniques
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a claim and support it using persuasive technique.

Big Idea: How do you persuade someone to agree with you ? Students analyze a variety of methods convince others to believe their claim on a topic.

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  60 minutes
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