Reflection: Student Ownership Logos - Section 3: Sharing Ideas


Students were drawn to search for advertisements that had some sort of data analysis.  They don't really understand all of the information presented in the data, but students get the general idea that logic, reasoning, and data supports claims.  This is the whole idea behind Logos.  One student completed a presentation about the poll results of customers who tasted various types of potato chips.  He was disappointed his brand of chips did not win, but he said that the brand that was popular was his second choice.  He was very articulate in explaining the data from his Logos Artifact that backed his claim.

  Student Ownership: Appeal to Logic
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Unit 10: Persuasive Techniques
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a claim and support it using persuasive technique.

Big Idea: How do you persuade someone to agree with you? Students analyze how logos can convince others to believe their claim on a topic.

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