Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Ethos - Section 2: Sharing Ideas


     Students seemed to understand the basic concept of Ethos.  They understood that Ethos is persuading someone by mentioning a person you trust that supports your claim.  At their age, they are not familiar with known experts.  So, they will often mention their parents as someone that you trust.  This concept of trusting others (strangers to them) that have expertise in the topic to support their claims needs further exploration.  However, students are creating prior knowledge for later grades even though the knowledge attained are at a very basic level at this age and time, as evident from student Ethos artifact.

     Complex tasks require multi-tasking and overlapping multi-step subtasks to achieve the goal.  My students are just beginning to learn how to perform these multiple tasks scaffolded by having a partner to help complete these tasks.  Students are asked to research topics that support their opinions, organize these topics using a graphic organizer, synthesize their findings to create a presentation, and communicate conceptual knowledge learned by orally presenting to the class.  It will take time to develop automaticity and finese in student performance.  I allow ample opportunity to practice these skills.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Concept Attainment
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Unit 10: Persuasive Techniques
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a claim and support it using persuasive technique.

Big Idea: How do you persuade someone to agree with you ? Students analyze a variety of methods convince others to believe their claim on a topic.

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