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As with the majority of high school syllabi, my English II serves to present my expectations and the basic information to the class. The students listened effectively as I read through the information, and there were a few moments when the asked for clarification. I've just found it helps to provide this information immediately, as then there are few excuses for "not knowing" as the semester goes on. Additionally, getting contact information out immediately is key, in case the students need help or clarification with anything. 

  Establishing The Ground Rules: A Reflection on Syllabi
  Routines and Procedures: Establishing The Ground Rules: A Reflection on Syllabi
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Welcome Back: Return to Routines and Procedures

Unit 13: Literacy: Figurative Language in the Poetry of Whitman & Dickinson
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Objective: SWBAT respond to differing attitudes on reading and support their own opinions regarding text selection in a whole-class discussion.

Big Idea: Welcome Back! At the kick off of the second semester, we're setting some ground rules for group discussion and classroom management.

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