Reflection: Modeling Anansi and the Biggest Sweetest Melon - Section 3: Writing Activity


This lesson was to model sequencing the story for a story retell.  I used a beginning/middle/end template.  I made a large template and laminated it so I could reuse it.  The students had their own identical template to fill out.  I expect them to produce a story retell similar to mine.  I often erase my template so they can not copy.  I then will ask them to remember what was in the story and draw it.   The middle part may have more animals than the elephant.  It is important that the students be able to retell a story with accuracy and with details.  The CCSS for kinder are specific in that they expect students to use the words beginning, middle, end or first, next, last.  Being able to state the parts of the story in this format helps for later grades when they have to write and speak about certain parts of a story.  Using the templates is a District expectation.  My teaching the thinking maps in kinder introduces the skill of organizing their thoughts.  They will use the maps and templates through high school in all content areas.  I find that in kinder, I use the maps and templates, but we get to have fun with them.  

  Modeling: Sequencing
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Anansi and the Biggest Sweetest Melon

Unit 6: Insects
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Objective: The SWBAT sequence the story by using a beginning, middle and end template for a story retell.

Big Idea: Anansi is an spider who loves melons. Using a template we will sequence and retell the story about Anansi getting stuck inside a neighbor's melon.

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English / Language Arts, adjectives, questioning, insects
  45 minutes
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