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When students are allowed to group themselves, this builds their ability to explain their thinking (MP3 - Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others).  The mathematical practices are great benchmarks for cognitive skill development as well as transfer out of a "math only" context.

I let students choose their own groups but they also know that I will ask some of them to explain their choice.  They cannot say, "I wanted to work with 4 digit addition because I already know all the other stuff."  They need to articulate their mathematical understanding. For example, "I wanted to work with 4 digit addition because I understand how to regroup more than 10 ones into a ten, 10 tens to make one hundred, and ten hundreds to make a thousand. So, when I work with 4-digit addition, I will sometimes be regrouping ten thousands to make a ten thousand."  

I don't expect that level of precision but I do expect an attempt. Students' ability to explain their chosen level of difficulty in mathematical terms is another opportunity for them to attend to precision (MP6).

  Letting Students Choose Their Level
  Student Ownership: Letting Students Choose Their Level
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Happy Hundreds

Unit 8: Place Value Practice
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Objective: SWBAT use place blocks and friendly tens & hundreds to understand regrouping when adding three digit numbers. They will use precise language to describe their thinking.

Big Idea: Working with concrete representations (blocks) helps students understand the abstraction of regrouping.

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Math, Place Value, 3 digit addition, strategy development, rounding, addition, subtraction, word problems
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