Reflection: Complex Tasks Organize Your Ideas in a 'Timely' Way For a Narrative - (Lesson 1 of 3) - Section 6: Add an Introduction


Second grade students typically have difficulty writing a good introduction and conclusion. They tend to want to write details, instead of introducing or concluding what they have focused on. I created the 'topic sentence starter' chart to help students use words that will guide them away from details, but the student in this video still had some difficulty discerning how to write the sentence. We will continue to work on this skill.

  Complex Tasks: Writing the introduction is HARD!
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Organize Your Ideas in a 'Timely' Way For a Narrative - (Lesson 1 of 3)

Unit 7: Writing About Informational Text
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT organize information to recount a narrative that describes a person's life and create an introductory paragraph for the rough draft.

Big Idea: Use a timeline to organize the main idea and details about a famous person's life!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Writing, Martin Luther King Jr., main idea, 2nd Grade, biography, informational text, narrative, timeline, detail, collaborative discussion
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