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There are so many reasons for teaching about the Holocaust.  Obviously, if students are to be well rounded and able to make connections with real world issues  -past and present -they need to learn about them.

On the day of this lesson, one of my students said something to me that drove home the need for this type of learning and the application in real life. After reading the article "Fighting Hitler" this student raised her hand and said, "I finally get it.  The little boy wasn't wearing pajamas was he?"  Immediately, I remembered that she had recently read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and my heart fell.  She had not had the prior knowledge to make that connection when she read the book. For those who have not read the book -the boy is referred to as wearing striped pajamas by another young boy in the book who does not understand that he is a prisoner in a concentration camp wearing the standard striped clothing.

This comment made me want so desperately to pour knowledge into their minds so they can fully understand everything.  As teachers I think we underestimate the gravity of our jobs. We have the power to open so many doors and windows for our students.

  The Value of Connections
  Real World Applications: The Value of Connections
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Paired Text Introduction to the Holocaust Part 1

Unit 7: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 2
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze the interactions between ideas and events of the Holocaust and a person who lived at that time.

Big Idea: Introducing what no one can understand, but everyone must to know -the Holocaust.

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