Reflection: Intervention and Extension Problem Solve with an Organized List - Section 3: Independent Practice


In some of my lessons, I tend to design them for my medium to higher kids and have high expectations that I will be able to scaffold my lower kids to get there. Watch the video narrative, organized chart reflection, of how I helped my lower kids understand the last chart.

  Intervention and Extension: It's too difficult?
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Problem Solve with an Organized List

Unit 10: Place Value
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use an organized list to count by tens and solve a word problem.

Big Idea: I am ramping up the rigor by asking my students to solve a real-world problem with their skills in counting by tens.

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Math, Place Value, organized list, First Grade, count by tens, problem solve, tens, Tens and Ones
  35 minutes
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