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Once a few weeks in your room goes by, and you have had the opportunity to observe your students, it is a good time to start monitoring what they are reading. I never want to discourage their choice because they book they choose was important or had meaning to them. We can crush the love of reading by invalidating a student's choice. However, it is wiser to help them see that the book they have chosen is hard and that at this time might not be good for them. 

In the case of this student, he is still emerging as a reading and needs lots of structure. Books with pictures and less words are good for him. There is pressure to be in a chapter book like everyone else and a student who struggles feels this pressure even more. This little boy noticed right away that some of the students were reading a particular series and so he found one too. He was thrilled to show me his selection and how far he had already read.

Knowing what I know about him, I knew that it was time to help him find a perfect fitting book for himself, that is still interesting, and at the same time keep the other book special to him. This is where I have found this one on one conference to be powerful and helpful. I let him decide that it is too difficult but never tell him he can't read it.

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  Conferencing: When to Know to Help
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AHH! Just Right: Conferencing about Approproate Level Books

Unit 26: Pre, During, & After Reading Strategies: Setting the Reading Stage
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Objective: SWBAT decide on whether a book is appropriate for them to read at their reading level, and determine a good book for themselves.

Big Idea: Have you ever had the student who is trying to read that giant "Harry Potter" novel and you know that it is too much for them? This is how I conference with a student to help them choose to lose a bad fit and find just the right one to read.

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), Reading, Reading Fluency, conferencing with students, level books, book choice, good fit books, Reading Strategies
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