Reflection: Intervention and Extension Making Numbers - Section 3: Independent Practice


You may have a range of abilities in your room, and this is absolutely normal! I have 24 students in my class and about 15 of them are always right with me on my lessons. I have 4-5 that are always one step ahead and 4-5 two steps behind. For this activity, everyone started out strong, but then my lower students began wavering on what they were drawing. You should definitely have some snap cubes or base ten blocks readily available for them to use. I took away the dice and just had them pick a small amount of tens and ones, count with me, then draw what they had selected and the matching number. My higher students finished quickly, so I allowed them to produce more on the back. If you have anyone that would be up for the challenge, you could give them another dice and have them roll two dice for their tens and one dice for the ones to construct higher numbers. 

  Range of abilities
  Intervention and Extension: Range of abilities
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Making Numbers

Unit 10: Place Value
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT build numbers using tens and ones.

Big Idea: We are walking up the staircase of complexity and practicing constructing numbers from tens and ones in this lesson.

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Math, Place Value, First Grade, Tens and Ones, tens
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