Reflection: Essay Writing Adding Transitions and Publishing the Final Draft of the Comparison Contrast Essay - Section 6: Application: Using All Feedback to Edit, Revise, and Publish


Now that I have graded the essays, I have made two discoveries:

1) Students writing has gotten better since the last essay. There were many more B's than the first essay.

2) Students don't know how to introduce evidence in their writing. They throw the quotes in without giving much context, and it makes the writing a bit awkward.

In order to fix #2, I plan to provide short writing workshops in which students get to look at sample evidence within the body of writing in order to see how to do this more effectively. The good news is that the evidence is there (in most cases). Now, we just need to integrate it more thoughtfully.

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Adding Transitions and Publishing the Final Draft of the Comparison Contrast Essay

Unit 8: Actions and Reactions: Comparison Contrast Essay
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use appropriate and varied transitions in their comparison contrast essay and publish the final draft.

Big Idea: Students TRANSITION to the end of the road with their comparison contrast essays

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