Reflection: Safety Review of Character Traits and Motivation - Section 2: Smart Board Learning: Filling in the Guided Notes


As the students were sharing the character traits from their lists, I found the many students couldn't keep up with writing others' ideas down.  I found it necessary to create an extra slide in the Smart board file to keep track of all the traits they came up with.  I began to type the words that the students were saying.  This helped keep my slower workers on track and provided them a safety net so they didn't just give up.  Additionally, I printed the slide of the words the class came up with and had the students stick it into their notebook so everyone had every word we all came up with.  They can then add to their list if the need arises.  

  Reflection: Creating a List
  Safety: Reflection: Creating a List
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Review of Character Traits and Motivation

Unit 13: Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT explain what character traits are and identify them in themselves and in people they know.

Big Idea: Understanding characters and making connections to the text increases understanding of the text.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Poetry, character traits and motivation, Student Interactive Notebook, guided notes
  65 minutes
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