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I am definitely not perfect. I fumbled when I taught my kiddos digit. You can watch my original lesson, Original what is a digit video, and the retake video, what is a digit video retake, which I did during our vocabulary review to see how I corrected myself.

You mainly want to be clear to your students about these terms:

  • Digit - a single symbol used to represent a numeral/number; digits include these symbols: 0, 1, … 9. For example, the number 10 has two digits (the 1 and the 0).
  • Numeral/number - a symbol or name that stands for a certain quantity.

  Adjustments to Practice: Take Two!
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Place Value: Vocabulary

Unit 10: Place Value
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use math vocabulary to describe place value concepts.

Big Idea: My students will be working hard on place value for this unit. I want to ensure they have a strong grasp of the terms tens, ones, digit and place value.

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Math, Vocabulary and Concept Development, Place Value, tens, digit, ones, Tens and Ones
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